Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Policy's intent is to create an online environment in which users can create and sell customized merchandise, while at the same time respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Please Flag all Tees appropriately with links if you find a graphic that infringes on another's work.

We have a built-in search utilizing Google Image Search to scan graphics for duplicated work. If your graphic is found on Google Images it is likely your attempt to Publish a Tee will be flagged, and you will receive an error message. If you think this is in error or you own the material, you can appeal the flag by following the link provided in the error message and we can unlock your account to Publish the graphic.
Grant of License
By Publishing a Design you allow MeTee to print them. You will receive 10% Sales Revenue (royalty) on each Tee sold which you can spend in Store Credit or Receive in Paypal Cash Payout Transactions (edit your settings in your Profile). You own the copyright and are free to distribute the image you own wherever you like (including other T-Shirt websites and stores). If you have further questions please use the form below

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